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Nilox - Bodyguard Black
Nilox - Bodyguard Black
Nilox - Bodyguard Black Nilox - Bodyguard Black Nilox - Bodyguard Black Nilox - Bodyguard Black Nilox - Bodyguard Black Nilox - Bodyguard Black Nilox - Bodyguard Black Nilox - Bodyguard Black
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Nilox - e Tracker GPS Smartwatch Bodyguard
Track Every person you Love with Accuracy
Technical Details
Code: 32NXBOTRGP001

Product Description

How much are the things you love worth? As accurate as a clock, as easy as a phone, and as useful as a map, Bodyguard will protect them. Giving you the immediate location and contact of its wearer, anywhere and anytime, for a peace of mind like never before.

Choose your Bodyguard among 3 available colours: Black, Lime Green o Purple.


Press bodyguard SOS button for 2 seconds to:

- call first number on your contact list and talk to him through the speaker
- start live tracking (which you can stop using the app)

Being a mobile phone, bodyguard can be tracked almost anywhere. It combines 3 tracking systems

at the same time: GSM (the second best) + a combination (hybrid) of wifi and GPS as bodyguard is enabled to 'see' local routers,

if any, based on google technology.

Moreover, you can identify your "Safe zones" and receive an alert when/if bodyguard goes in or out of them.


Bodyguard works with MicroSIM card (Voice and Data contract type) supporting 2G network (Gsm, SMS, Gprs)

1. Insert MicroSIM inside bodyguard as shown on the watch's side, with chip facing upwards.

2. If your SIM card requires a PIN code you need to unlock it through the smartphone before putting it inside bodyguard

3. Once the MicroSIM is inside bodyguard, turn it on and download "Nilox Bodyguard" app from your store.

The app will automatically conform to your smrtphone's language

4. To begin, click "Join now", insert your smartphone's telephone number and create a password.

You will immediately receive an SMS with the code you will need to enter to complete registration

5. Scan QRcode you find inside bodyguard pack to associate it to your smartphone, then insert telephone number of the SIM inside bodyguard

6. Complete association with the name that will identify your profile and give a name to the bodyguard.

The first smartphone you associate will be identified as the "Master", and will be first contact called in case of Emergency

To ensure safety, it's only possible to switch bodyguard off through the app

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