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Question: I am a registered member. How can I make a purchase?

If you are a registered member of RideOnShop but you haven't logged in, you can act just as a non-registered member up to the point that you press the button "Checkout". In other words, Find the products that you are interested through search function or through the various catalogues of our store. From the product catalogues you may add into your cart any product simply by clicking on the button "Add to Cart". Alternativelly you may select the product you wish in order to view it and evaluate its features and underneath its price you will find the button "Add to cart" . Clicking on the button "Add to cart " similarly, the item will be added into your shopping cart. From the same page, your cart automatically displays the total quantity of products and the total cost in Euros. If you wish you can continue your purchases simply by selecting the "Back" button or stay in your cart and click the button "Checkout". At that point the system will give you the option to either continue your purchase as registered member (i.e. login) or as a non-registered member (i.e. invoice data entry, delivery address data entry and payment method entry). If you choose to log in, the system will automatically display the data stored on your membership account and finally you will only need to choose the shipping and payment methods available and to press the button "Checkout".

As soon as you press the button "Checkout" and you complete the payment process, you will receive an automated e-mail with all the necessary details of your order. We suggest that you keep this e-mail up until the delivery of your purchased product at your desired address.