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31/05/2014    Family Run 2014

Ride On Shop is a proud supporter of the 2nd Family Run. So we participated to the Family Run 2014 event that was held in Agia Anna - North Evia from 13 to 15 June. Specifically on Sunday 15/06 on the date of cycle racing and awards ceremony, we were there to offer to all young "athletes", endless Fun On Wheels and many surprises! We were really happy to see you all there! Thanks for the great time!

Family Run 2014

From early Sunday morning Ride On Shop help desk as well as some of our ride on toys were set next to the main swimming pool of the beautiful seaside hotel "Thalatta Seaside Hotel". Our little toddlers and their families were pleasantly surprised and their day started with endless Fun on Wheels!!

Following the completion of the games, and shortly before the award ceremony for the winners of the Family Run 2014, FUN ON WHEELS took off in the magnificent Club Agia Anna Summer Resort. All children who found us there, had the opportunity to get to know us better and to play with our Ride On toys. We are confident that you all had fun and we hope to see you again soon.