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Salt BMX ΑΜ Rotor Set
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Salt BMX ΑΜ Rotor Set

AM rotor Set for 1 1/8" Steerer Tube
All Parts Included


Complete set of BMX Rotor. The AM Rotor brake by Salt comes as a complete gyro set with everything you need to install it on your BMX. Includes top and bottom cables, top and bottom plates, frame tabs and rotor. The top cable is placed on top of the gyro and joins the lever. It then ends up in two cables which are joined at the neck of the Gyro plate to the brake. The bottom cable is placed at the bottom of the gyro and joins the U-Brake type brake. Connect the two cables from the neck of the Gyro tab to the brake so that it works without friction and elasticity. So no conversion will be needed!

Note: In order to install gyro brakes, you'll need a frame with holes for gyro tabs.

Part Number: 11031010114
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  • Code: SLT-GYR-114