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Star Skateboard - Diamond Cruiser Black/Red
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Star Skateboard - Diamond Cruiser Black/Red

Vintage Retro Skateboard
ABEC-7, hardness 78A, EN 13613: 2009-08

"One Board, One Feeling, One Wave Length" The Ollie is a classic. The flips work quite well already. You use every free minute to practice your grinds - in a devilish black, peppermint, or candy purple, because our Pennyboards and longboards are as colourful as the Californian skater scene. In order to get a real Cruiser feeling on our Retro Boards, we have installed oversized high-performance aluminum trucks. Together with the Soft Bushings, these two components ensure casual and comfortable cruising. High-quality ABEC-7 ball bearings with nylon cage ensure that the skateboard runs smoothly and has a noticeable smooth running, which allows the wheels to be turned with extremely low resistance. The ball bearings in our skateboards are greased and not oiled like normal ball bearings. In greased bearings, a long-term stable lubricating film is formed which, in contrast to oiled bearings, withstands even humid weather and is dirt-repellent. Highest quality is our standard - but to convince you, our products have to prove themselves in demanding quality control tests. Our skateboards have already proven that they offer excellent quality.

Extremely manoeuvrable Cruiser skateboard in trendy retro vintage design. Super-stable deck yet uniquely flexible made of PP (polypropylene). Best Cruising: Oversized high-performance aluminum trucks with soft bushings.

Of course with state-of-the- art ABEC-7 (2 per wheel) high-speed precision ball bearings. Cast 60x45 mm PU wheels with optimum hardness 78A - for perfect running smoothness.

Length: 96 cm | Width: 25 cm | Height: 13,5 cm | Weight: 3,1 kg | Max Load Weight: 100 kg

Part Number: SK-60-RT-01-BKRD
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  • Code: SK-60-RT-BKRD
  • Dimensions: 570*150*100.5 mm
  • Deck Material: High-Impact Polypropylene
  • Trucks: Casted Aluminum
  • Wheels: 60mm - 78A PU
  • Bushings: 80 A
  • Bearings: ABEC 7 / 2 per wheel
  • Max Load Weight: 100 Kgs