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Spitfire Skate Tool T3 Black/Silver
skateboard tool skateboard tool

Spitfire Skate Tool T3 Black/Silver

Multi purpose Skateboard Tool Guaranteed for life
Removable Allen and Phillips Screwdriver

The Spitfire T3 Tool is your all purpose skate tool, guaranteed for life. This is an all in one skate tool. You get sockets for the axle, king pin, and the hardware. Removable Allen and Phillips screwdriver. Lightweight and portable, the T3 goes where you go with no hassle. Spitfire logo embedded on tool. 


  • 3/8'' wrench for truck hardware
  • 1/2'' wrench for axle nuts
  • 9/16'' wrench for kingpin nuts
  • Phillips 1/8'' Allen L-wrench
Part Number: SPI-TLS-0001
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  • Code: SPI-TLS-0001