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Montana Colors 94 Spraycan 400ml | Graffiti Art
Synthetic Paint-Perfect Coverage-Spectral Effect
Available Ethereal Yellow (Spectral) 400ml
Available Haze Orange (Spectral) 400ml
Available Soul Red (Spectral) 400ml
Available Judea Brown (Spectral) 400ml
Available Aura Violet (Spectral) 400ml
Available Atmosphere Blue (Spectral) 400ml
Available Breeze Green (Spectral) 400ml
Available Air White (Spectral) 400ml
Available Shadow Grey (Spectral) 400ml
Available Shadow Black (Spectral) 400ml


MTN 94 is named after the year Montana Colors was founded. It is a spray paint with a matte finish that has been modified over the years with the next generation of alkyd resins and is considered the most versatile spray on the market.

With a variety of 9 color shades in semi-transparent paint (semi transparent) or otherwise spectral to create three-dimensional effects and overlays. Originally developed by Montana Colors, they are the perfect complement to those who want to experiment and achieve effects that would be much more complicated to do with regular opaque paint. MTN 94 spectral has been developed to meet the highest demands of the graffiti market and the fine arts market. Never before has it been so easy to spray paint. It can also be adapted to the needs of outdoor and indoor decoration. The low pressure and smooth valve system make the MTN 94 an extremely easy spray paint to handle by anyone. Its ability to dry quickly prevents drops (water) and also allows almost immediate 2nd and 3rd passage of paint. However, one of the most important aspects of the 94 series is the wide variety of high opacity colors. The wide selection will make it easier for you to find the ideal tone that will suit your needs.

IMPORTANT: For safety reasons this product cannot be exported.

MTN 94 Technical Data

  • Code:MTN-GA-94SPECT
  • Pressure: Polyvalent female valve
  • Propellant: Butane / Propane / Mix
  • Binding Τype: Modified Alkyd
  • Shine 60º (ASTM D-523 ISO 2813): 15-25% matt
  • Dry to the touch (ASTM D-1640 ISO 1517): 10'
  • Completely dry (ASTM D-1640 ISO 1517): 24h
  • Thickness of dry layer (ASTM D-823 ISO 2808): 15 microns/layer
  • Adhesion (ASTM D-3359 ISO 2409): 0 B
  • Theorical yield: 3 m² for 400 ml
  • Product life: 10 Years
  • Minimum Room Temperature: 8ºC
  • Surface Temperature: 5ºC to 50ºC
  • Max humidity: 85% R.H.P
  • Heat Resistance of Paint: 100ºC