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Montana Colors MTN Classic Hardcore Spray Paint

Montana Colors MTN Classic Hardcore Spray Paint

Classic Hardcore 25th Anniversary Edition 400ml | Graffiti Art
Gloss Paint-Perfect Coverage-Ultra Fast Drying

Classic Hardcore 25th Anniversary Edition 400ml

In celebration of MTN's 25th year in graffiti, Montana Colors revisits one of its most classic and prized spray can labels. The "Pintura Logo" was first introduced on the original Hardcore Spray Paint Cans and is now an iconic image among graffiti writers worldwide. This graphic is once again available on MTN Hardcore Cans for a limited time!  

These cans have no difference in the technical specs of the modern Hardcore spray can which is not just a graffiti spray but one of the most innovative products in the field. Since 1996, when Montana started the production of 400ml spraycan, hardcore has become the spray that perfectly met the needs of writers and established itself as the classic size in the graffiti world. It is simply the spray that has revolutionized and continues to evolve to meet market demands.

Today Hardcore, carrying 25 years technological expertise, is undoubtedly one of the best gloss spray paints in the market. The new Hardcore 2 retains its main features: intense enhanced color, high pressure, glossy finish, but with a new composition that allows for much faster drying time and excellent coverage over the 112-color range. The fast-drying Hardcore 2 composition contains high quality alkyd resins and the highest quality pigments.

MTN Hardcore Technical Data

  • Code: MTN-HRD25
  • Pressure: Polyvalent female valve
  • Propellant: Butane / Propane / Mix
  • Binding Τype: Modified Alkyd
  • Shine 60º (ASTM D-523 ISO 2813): 60-85% gloss <20 % mat
  • Dry to the touch (ASTM D-1640 ISO 1517): 15'
  • Completely dry (ASTM D-1640 ISO 1517): 24h
  • Thickness of dry layer (ASTM D-823 ISO 2808): 15 microns/layer
  • Adhesion (ASTM D-3359 ISO 2409): 0 B
  • Theorical yield: 3 m² for 400 ml
  • Product life: 10 Years
  • Minimum Room Temperature: 8ºC
  • Surface Temperature: 5ºC to 50ºC
  • Max humidity: 85% R.H.P
  • Heat Resistance of Paint: 100ºC