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The MTN Water Based 300 is the most popular water based paint spray that is constantly developing. In addition to the 300ml spray can, the Water Based range also features 100ml sprays, markers and refills. All products are compatible with each other.

Undoubtedly, Water Based 300 is the undisputed reference point for low-odor water-based products and already has extensive experience in the international market. You will usually find it in artists' studios, who appreciate them for their high quality pigments, the different ways they can be applied, and the fact that they are user-friendly. They are also often used in professional workshops due to their volatile nature in the multitude of surfaces on which they can be applied, such as wood, canvas and solvent-sensitive plastics such as styrene, without the need for prior priming.

IMPORTANT: For safety reasons this product cannot be exported.

MTN Waterbased Technical Data

  • Code: MTN-WB-300
  • Bonding Agent: Modified PU
  • Shine 60º (ASTM D-523 ISO 2813): <10% matt
  • Dry to the touch (ASTM D-1640 ISO 1517): 30'
  • Completely dry (ASTM D-1640 ISO 1517): 72h
  • Thickness of dry layer (ASTM D-823 ISO 2808): 15-20 microns/layer
  • Adhesion (ASTM D-3359 ISO 2409): 0 B
  • Theorical yield: 2 m² for 300 ml
  • Product life: 5 Years
  • Minimum Room Temperature: 8ºC
  • Surface Temperature: 5ºC to 50ºC
  • Max humidity: 85% R.H.P
  • Heat Resistance of Paint: Undetermined