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Ethic DTC Complete Erawan Brushed
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Ethic DTC Complete Erawan Brushed

Ethic Pro Scooter Freestyle
ALU 6061 T6, Integrated Headset, Incube Wheels

The Erawan is built around ICS10 compression and the killer looking Legion fork for strong compression and effortless barspins. Thanks to the Dryade bar this pro scooter is extremely lightweight with only 2965 grams. Perfect for techy tricks and park riding.

Ethic's pro scooter, The Erawan, follows their line of super lightweight scooters that are built for riders of a certain level. A pro scooter with a low weight such as this is definitely recommendable for use in skateparks only and not for high flying/heavy landing street shredding.

This pro scooter is delivered in an original Ethic Box with tools included.


Since this a highly technical advanced pro scooter, you need to have a certain skill level to ride it properly. For you to utilize all its wonderful features you must be a trained rider with a level of at least intermediate. If you are not trained at all you can actually end up damaging your parts and see them breaking prematurely due to incorrect use.

The total height of the kick scooter is 85cm.

Part Number: 9248
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209,90€  or 52.48 X 4 Ιnstalments
  • Code: 9248
  • Deck Material: Ethic DTC Erawan
  • Handlebar (Material): Ethic Dryade 620 mm
  • Collar Clamp: Ethic Alu (2db 6mm screws)
  • Grips: Ethic DTC
  • Headset: Ethic DTC integrated
  • Compression: ICS 10
  • Fork: Ethic DTC Legion
  • Wheel (diameter): 110mm
  • Wheels (core): Ethic Incube
  • Wheels (hardness): 88A
  • Bearings: ABEC-9
  • Brake: Composite
  • Weight: 2965g