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Slide Swallow Noserider 33" Surfskate
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Slide Swallow Noserider 33" Surfskate

The bowl is waiting for you!
7ply Canadian Maple Deck, Slide Trucks, 65mm 78A

Slide Swallow Noserider 33" Surfskate

Meet Slide's best seller for ever since 2016. It's the ultimate tool for your introduction to the world of surfskating. It is the largest and widest surfboard of the collection. The best choice for longboarders and heavier skaters.

The Swallow shape focuses on longboarders and riders who would prefer to have extra volume under their feet. Swallow allows you to practice great turns, move and dance the same way you do surfing or your longboard.

The Swallow is the perfect model for larger riders and for those who are more comfortable with wider shapes and larger wheels under their feet.

Slide Surfskates

Slide surfskates have been manufactured by Sancheski, a brand with long history in the world of skateboarding since 1966, and is well known for its simple design. Here you will not see kitsch palm trees or sunsets, nor pink rainbows to emerge with chainsaws .... these are evident on brands that need to visually explain what they stand for. With slide surfskates all you need to know is that it is simply one of the best surfskates in the world! It is the perfect tool to quickly improve your surfing technique for those days without a wave.

Part Number: SLSWANOSE
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  • Deck: 33" long 10.25" wide and fishtail
  • Deck Material: 7-ply 100% Canadian Maple
  • Truck (front): 165mm Slide surf skate truck V3.0
  • Truck (rear): Polished Aluminum 165mm
  • Distance between trucks: 46.25cm / 18.2"
  • Wheels: 70 mm x 55 mm / 78A Black Slide
  • Bearings: ABEC-7