Venture V Hollow Trucks High All Polished 5.2 (set)
Venture V Hollow Trucks High All Polished 5.2" (set)
Venture V Hollow Trucks High All Polished 5.2 (set) Venture V Hollow Trucks High All Polished 5.2 (set)

Venture V Hollow Trucks High All Polished 5.2" (set)

Skateboard Trucks Venture V Hollow set of 2
Ideal for decks 7.9" - 8.12"

A compact skateboard truck, the V Hollows are even lighter in weight than most trucks. Ventures have been refined in their classic design with hollow terminals, hollow shafts and other shaving techniques, while maintaining their quality and durability. Venture is an American skateboard truck company. With their high performance design and reliable construction, these are precision trucks, made for literally melting. The main goal of Venture trucks is to create trucks in any color combination you will ever want. With riders PJ Ladd and JB Gillet, to name just a few of the names that support Venture, their trucks show that their product is for a real skateboarder.

  • Width: 5.2 "
  • Antislip Axles & Kingpin
  • Color: Polished Silver
  • Forged base plate with Venture brand

Forged base: The forged base plates are compressed molded, making them lighter, stronger and more impact resistant than cast base plates. Forging also eliminates the most common manufacturing defects and defects.

Hollow Axle & Kingpin: Having a hollow Axle greatly reduces the materials used on the axle so that your trucks are even lighter. The hollow kingpins / nuts further reduce weight while still maintaining their strength in this critical area.


How we select the most appropriate truck size for our skateboard?

Every skateboard truck brand represents size a little bit differently so it is easy to get puzzled. We measure trucks either by the width of the hanger or the width of the axle. The hanger is that metal part (triangular in shape) and is the largest part of your truck. The kingpin passes through the hanger and keeps all truck parts together. 

In general we pick our truck when its axle has the same width as our deck. 


How we select the most appropriate truck size for our skateboard



Here below you may find the most common combinations of trucks and decks:

6"-7.25" truck axle - 6.5" to 7.25" skateboard decks

7.5" truck axle - 7.25 to 7.5" skateboard decks

7.75" truck axle - 7.5” to 8" skateboard decks

8.0" truck axle - 8” to 8.5" skateboard decks

8.5" truck axle - 8.5” to 9" skateboard decks

9.0" truck axle - 9” to 10” skateboard decks

10.0" truck axle - 10” and above skateboard decks


What truck profile height do we need?

Truck profile is the distance from the lowest deck point up to the hanger. The mid truck is the most commonly used. However low and high trucks are more appropriate for different skateboarding styles. 


Συνδυασμός Ρόδας και Truck για το skateboard



Great stability for flip tricks and is specifically designed for small wheels (48-51mm recommended size)


The most common truck profile for street or skate park skateboarding, specifically designed for medium sized wheels (52-56mm recommended size)


Ideal for cruising and carving and is designed for those large wheels (57mm+ recommended size)


Additional Information

Non compatible riser brands: Arbor, Diamond, Dooks, Girl, Independent, Loaded, Paris, Rayne, Sector 9. 


Part Number: VEN-SKT-1087
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  • Code: VEN-SKT-1087
  • SIZE vs DECK: FOR DECKS 7.9"-8.12"
  • AXLE SIZE: 8.0"