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STRAYE Shoes Logan - Black Carbon

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STRAYE Shoes Logan - Black Carbon
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STRAYE Shoes Logan - Black Carbon

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STRAYE Footwear Focused on Quality Comfort Style & Fun
AcidDrop removable insoles

STRAYE Logan Shoes - Black Carbon

If you are looking for the perfect shoe in the world for skateboarding that has never been in production before, then look no further. Logan is the ultimate shoe for professional riders by STRAYE. STRAYE is the shoe brand that appeals to everyone: Pros, Weekend Warriors, Celebrities, Instagram Stars, Skaters, Posers, Lovers, Fighters, Ballers, Savers and everything in between. It has comfortable removable AcidDrop® soles!

  • The most comfortable Skate shoes in the world
  • Suede material on the top
  • Reinforced (Heavy Gauge) Canvas on the sides
  • Patented Flip-Up on the back with Hidden Message
  • Custom rubber tip with logo
  • Reinforced collar and canvas tongue
  • Metal Eylets
  • Higher Foxing for extra protection against Ollie wear
  • Rubber soles that offer the perfect Grip or as they say at STRAY "100% Grippy AF". And we all know what AF means ... right?
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Detachable AcidDrop® soles
  • It won't kill your feet or your wallet
  • Code:NC-STR-LG1441