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Most of our products are ready to be used by children from the moment they are unpacked. However there are some products from our range of battery operated vehicles that need to be assembled with particular care and with respect to the enclosed assembly manual before your toddler rides on them. Each one of our products is accompanied with Manufacturers’ assembly manual and also with all the necessary tools for the assembly process. However if you wish to save time, we undertake to send you our battery operated vehicles pre assembled.

The service has a surcharge of 20€ per vehicle.


RideOnShop Assembly



All pre assembled vehicles are thoroughly checked and pass through quality control tests in 100% of the times before they are packed and sent to our clients. Also the disposal of their packaging is done in an environmentally friendly way.

Please be advised that we will proceed with this service only if you have requested same in the "Contact Us" section by choosing the theme "Assembly" or alternatively if you have stated your request in the Notes section of your order simply by typing the word "Assembly".

In all other cases we will send you the product as it comes from the manufacturer and then you will only have to carefully follow the enclosed instructions.

It is strongly recommended, if you are not sure on how to proceed with the assembly process, to contact us immediately enabling us to help you proceed without having any doubts.Please be advised that we choose not to assemble some parts (such as the steering wheel of a car or the side mirrors of a motorcycle etc.) which exceed the volume of the vehicle and thus we ensure in this way the maximum protection of the product during their transportation. Our total commitment to customers empowers us to work closely together with every customer. When you buy from us, the sale is not complete when we ship your order, it is complete when you are totally satisfied.