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Τry to go back in time and remember the exact feeling when you discovered that your favourite toy was no longer functional. We never forgot that same feeling and that is the main reason why we created the repairs service for the battery operated vehicles sold through our store. Our experience into the field of Ride On toys and especially into the battery operated vehicles, is our guarantee and also our commitment, that we always choose the best products with the highest specifications manufactured from the most reliable and sophisticated manufacturers in the world.

Unfortunatelly there are very rare cases that a product might be proven to be defective or its durability has deteriorated through improper use over long periods of time. We are committed to our clients to provide after sales service but apart from our commitment to you, we also need to be sure that children who drive our vehicles are ONLY happy and ALWAYS safe.


Repair Process

All you have to do is to fill in with as much detail as possible, the online repairs form and then to send us the defective merchantise yourself or through a courier service of your choice.

The repairs form is available here.

When we receive the defective product we will perform a quality inspection test in order to trace the root cause of the problem. Also a general inspection will be performed on the vehicle in order to discover any other unnoticed defects. If you choose to send us the product through courier following our quality inspection and if the product is repairable we will contact you via e-mail in order to inform you about the details of the defect, the repair intervention required and the relative cost. Please note that only if you authorize us in written form to proceed, we will perform the repair process. In all other cases the product will be returned to you without any repair intervention. In case you have chosen to send us the product in person, we will perform the same quality inspection tests as mentioned above, but you will be still required to authorize us to proceed with the repair intervention by signing our Remedies form.


RideOnShop Repair


Please be advised that some products in some cases may not be repaired if:

-The engine is completely burned out due to a repeated wrong use

-The vehicle has drowned into water and the engine and battery circuits have faced a short circuit

-The vehicle is older than 2 years and the Manufacturer has discontinued the production of the relative spare parts.

The average time required for the repair will vary depending on various factors (i.e. the extent of the defect, spare parts availability etc). In general from the time we receive the product and your authorization to proceed, the product will be repaired in 2 working days in most of the cases. Shipment costs from and to the client will be on clients charge.


Important Information

Before you send the defective product to us, we recommend you to try and repair the product yourself. There are many minor defects that can be easily solved simply by:

- Checking again the assembly instructions

- Contact us so that we can remotely assist you.