RideOnShop Sponsorship Form

We really appreciate your interest in joining our team and representing our store. We are looking for athletes with specific criteria who will join the official RideOnShop (ROS) team after evaluation.

Try to be original in order to stand out from the crowd, show dedication and consistency in your sport, and of course do not forget the "golden rule" - it does not matter if you are the best rider in your neighborhood or greater area or if you have won in competitions and street jams. It is more valuable for us to be a person with a positive influence in the community of your sport, to have a positive and professional attitude, to support and encourage younger riders and beginners, and your general behavior to be positive with an athletic spirit and respect for everyone. That is nothing more than what a serious athlete represents, thinks seriously about his/her sport and is interested in inspiring other athletes in his/her community. It must be clear that we at RideOnShop are looking for ambassadors of our brand and that means we are looking at the whole package and not just your skills level.

Although sponsorship might mean that you will get occasionally free stuff but this does not come without hard work and effort. It takes a lot of hard work not only to achieve it but even more to maintain it once you achieve it. Just think that it just can't happen suddenly to find a store or a brand that will be willing to give you free parts simply because you nailed a good trick or because you are popular. After all, sponsorship is not just about getting free products. Think of it as the first step in changing your status from a flow rider to a professional wannabe rider. Sending us a "sponsor me" video is just the beginning to build a good relationship with our store, to be seen by your friends and other athletes from your community and to be inspired. However, just that is not enough. What matters to us is how devoted you are to spread your sport to as many people as possible, to train and educate yourself on your sport, to gain the ability to properly promote yourself and our store, to take part in competitions, and to go to as many cities as possible outside of your homeland with the main goal of becoming more popular and promoting ROS.

So think this: "Am I good enough in my sport to get a sponsorship? And most importantly do I have the whole package?" If you think so and you want to become a member of an official team, then do not rush but do your very best to fill out the following application along with a video edit about you and your skills. Make sure before you send it that it is the best you can do on present day not only in terms of technical abilities but also in terms of presenting yourself in the best possible way. Even if we do not choose you now, do not be discouraged, keep on trying.

In any case, make sure you follow us: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Basic Data
Please fill your mobile phone or an adult's phone (parent or guardian)
Please fill in an active e-mail address and make sure that RideOnShop is not in your spam list
Tell us About you

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Please evaluate fairly and realisticly yourself.

RideOnShop will never sponsor an athlete that already receives sponsorship and/or support from other shops. If you are serious about our cooperation, please terminate your current collaboration and stay without a sponsor for 3 months. Then try again with us.
Here we would like to describe in a few words how do you see yourself as an athlete. What is important for you, why did you choose this sport, what prompted you to send the application, which are your favorite spots for training, your favorite trick, which you think was the hardest to accomplish so far? How do you see yourself and your sport in the future? Please justify your answer.
Send us your Video
Copy and Paste the Video URL. It can be an Instagram video, Vimeo or Youtube video
Terms and Conditions

I agree to the Terms and Conditions and release RideOnShop from any liability for acrobatic tricks I may attempt on video or other content that I may create or submit. I know my submission to rideonshop.com is public on the Internet and I will not post content that contains any of the following: offensive language, illegal activities, smoking or drug use, malicious damage to equipment or facilities, or comments that are sexist, racist, derogatory or intimidating in any form. I agree not to practice my sport beyond my fitness level and to accept the risk of injury or injury as my sole responsibility. RideOnShop does not recommend trying dangerous acrobatic tricks that could result in injury or death. We also recommend that any video recordings for acrobatic tricks be done in a suitable place, with protective equipment (such as a helmet and protective pads), as well as preceded by supervision and training by professionals to first ensure the safety of the athlete. I agree that anything I do that causes injury or death to myself or others will be my sole responsibility and I absolve RideOnShop completely of any responsibility.

In case you don't agree to our terms, your application will not be active and RideOnShop will NOT retain your data in our sponsorship evaluation.
In case of sponsorship we will call your parent/guardian so as to have the relevant authorisation.