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Skatey 150 - Electric Skateboard
electric skateboard electric skateboard

Skatey 150 - Electric Skateboard

With Remote Control, Ideal for Children up to 65kg

Ideal for young riders to explore the new sensation in riding electric. Easy to use, with moderate speeds of up to 10km/h, the smooth, light feel makes it quick in turns and speed on the road. The Skatey 150 is the smallest electric skateboard in our collection suited for the littlest drivers up to 65 kg. This board has a power of 150 Watt and drives 10 kilometer per hour. Charging the battery takes 4 to 6 hours, fully charged you can drive up to 10 kilometer. Using the wireless remote control you can easily control your speed and slow down when necessary.

Battery: 7Ah, 12 Volt Lead-acid
Chargetime: 4 - 6 hours
Dimensions in cm: 80 x 30 x18
Driving: Belt
Max load: 65 kg
Maximum Distance: Round 10 kilometer
Maximum Speed: 10 km/h
Power: 150 Watt
Remote Control: Wireless
Weight: 9 kg
Wheels: PU Black O85mm


It can be used from the age of 8 as it has ideal max speed and weight. 

Part Number: 150B
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