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Nilox - Doc X2 E-bike Black
Nilox - Doc X2 E-bike Black
Nilox - Doc X2 E-bike Black Nilox - Doc X2 E-bike Black Nilox - Doc X2 E-bike Black Nilox - Doc X2 E-bike Black Nilox - Doc X2 E-bike Black Nilox - Doc X2 E-bike Black Nilox - Doc X2 E-bike Black Nilox - Doc X2 E-bike Black Nilox - Doc X2 E-bike Black Nilox - Doc X2 E-bike Black
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Product Information
Foldable, Distance 25km, 25km/h, Front LED lights
Technical Details
Code: 30NXEB160V001

Product Description

EBIKE DOC X2: the ecological Nilox electric bicycle suitable for urban routes that allows you to travel at a speed of 25Km / h. 16 '' wheels. Equipped with assisted pedaling that can be easily activated thanks to the handlebar control).

Equipped with an ergonomic saddle and mudguards, it is perfect for everyday use. Practical assured thanks to the folding steel frame that makes it easily transportable. An electric charge of 3-4 hours allows you to travel from 20 to 25Km.

Το Nilox X2 

Nilox X2 is the pedal assisted bicycle, with a refined and elegant line. Practical and foldable with a gesture, your perfect ally against city traffic.

Welcome Onboard

Pure concentrate of urban technology, the Nilox X2 is a pedal assisted bike with a refined line that will win you over to the first ride, thanks to the removable 36V battery integrated into the frame, rechargeable in just 3 hours and that allows you to walk in assisted mode up to 25km.

Nilox X2 is the ideal travel companion to avoid traffic and to save time: up to 25 km / h thanks to the assisted pedaling activated by a control on the handlebars and to the 16 "wheels, with rear disc brake.

Easy to Transport

Practical and fast, it folds away with a gesture to be loaded on the vehicles or in the car. Removable 36V battery integrated into the frame.

Foldable Pedals

Limits the footprint of the bike even more thanks to the easily reclosable pedals. Furthermore, their mechanism allows less friction in the event of a fall, thus avoiding the breaking of the pedal.

Removable Battery integrated in the Fram

Technology meets design. X2 is equipped with a removable battery integrated into the frame, an elegant solution that allows the battery to be totally protected from impacts and atmospheric agents.

Rear Disc Brake

The maximum efficiency thanks to the rear disc brake, equipped with drilling and grooving for optimal heat dissipation? In addition to greater safety, the disc brake gives X2 an aggressive and sporty look.

Foldable Handlebar

Adjust the height of the handlebar, its centering and the inclination of the knobs to your liking; after which, if not in use, fold the handlebars with a simple gesture.

Security closure

Equipped with a safety lock, you can remove the battery with a simple turn of the key. The safety pin also prevents accidental opening of the frame

Sports Look and Compact Design

With its refined lines and unmistakable style, X2 is the eBike so as not to go unnoticed.


- Weight: 20.5 kg

- Dimensions: 135 x 54 x 96

- Frame: Steel frame

- Wheel diameter: 16 '

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