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Montana Colors MTN Mad Maxxx Spray Paint

Montana Colors MTN Mad Maxxx Spray Paint

MTN MAD MAXXX Spray Paint 750ml | Graffiti Art
Ultra High Pressure-Male Valve-2G Silver Killer

Montana Colors MTN Mad Maxxx Spray Paint

The Maximo 750ml series expands its range with the new MAD MAXXX. A revolutionary spray paint for very large lines that reach a size of 25 / 30cm. It is specially designed to fill large areas with unprecedented speed and is also useful for creating huge typography thanks to its powerful transverse border. MAD MAXX is available in 8 colors. Two components have been optimized to achieve maximum power: valve flow and nozzle. Formula adaptations provide a solid color that prevents stains, dries quickly and allows painting within seconds. Its valve is easy to handle and is still suitable for describing large formats accurately. Also, the color is 100% compatible with the rest of the aerosol of Montana Colors.

MTN Mad Maxx

  • Code: MTN-XXXL
  • Pressure: Male Valve
  • Shine 60º (ASTM D-523 ISO 2813): <10% matt
  • Dry to the touch (ASTM D-1640 ISO 1517): 10'
  • Completely dry (ASTM D-1640 ISO 1517): 20'
  • Thickness of dry layer (ASTM D-823 ISO 2808): 20 microns/layer
  • Theorical yield: 4,5 m² for 750 ml
  • Product life: > 5 Years (well Stored)
  • Minimum Room Temperature: 8ºC
  • Surface Temperature: 5ºC to 50ºC
  • Max humidity: 85% R.H.P
  • Heat Resistance of Paint: 100ºC
  • Second Coat: After 10'