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Cutback lover, this is your skateboard
7ply Canadian Maple Deck, Slide Trucks

Slide Quad Sunset 30" Surfskate

The Quad is our new shape for 2020. Inspired by the standard shape of a 4-fin board, it is built for fun. This board means carved control and intense, long rides. It is also great for small riders, as it is the most maneuverable surfskate in our collection.

With 30? length and square detail, the Slide Surfskate Sunset Quad screams to land in the skatepark. Along with the Joyful Splatter, it is the smallest surfskate in the entire collection, only 76.2cm long and 25.4cm wide. It is equipped with 66mm flexible wheels, which have good traction, but can also slip due to the low contact pad. The design is kept minimalist with yellow color and has the usual "virtual" stripe in the middle. Cleargrip reveals the beautiful design at the top. Due to its size and square shape it can be easily stored. The 10" footprint satisfies even the large riders. Finally, the light kicktail invites you to push hard on the road or in the skatepark.

Slide Surfskates

Slide surfskates have been manufactured by Sancheski, a brand with long history in the world of skateboarding since 1966, and is well known for its simple design. Here you will not see kitsch palm trees or sunsets, nor pink rainbows to emerge with chainsaws .... these are evident on brands that need to visually explain what they stand for. With slide surfskates all you need to know is that it is simply one of the best surfskates in the world! It is the perfect tool to quickly improve your surfing technique for those days without a wave.

Part Number: SL0031
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  • Code: SL0031
  • Deck: 30" long 10" wide with rounded kick tail
  • Deck Material: 7-ply 100% Canadian Maple
  • Truck (front): 165mm Slide surf skate truck V3.0
  • Truck (rear): Polished Aluminum 165mm
  • Distance between trucks: 40.64cm / 16"
  • Wheels: 65 mm x 55 mm / 78A Black Slide
  • Bearings: ABEC-7