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187 Killer Pads Derby Wrist Προστατευτικά Χεριών M
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187 Killer Pads Derby Wrist Προστατευτικά Χεριών M

Protective Gear for Skateboard, Kickscooter, Rollerblades
Designed with Skating in Mind

The 187 Killer Pads Derby wristwatch was designed with skating in mind. Its excellent features have been developed to keep the athlete well protected and less restricted. Live the difference!


  • Fast slip & easy application
  • The smooth movement of the fingers allows the hand to function normally
  • The extensive protection area disperses energy from hard falls
  • The fully integrated design improves the function of the wrist guard
  • Protector covering the wider area of ​​the palm and wrist
  • High-strength straps improve support and durability
  • Reinforced thumb hole and palm increase durability
  • The lined interior provides increased comfort
  • Perforated materials improve breathing


  • Refer to the labels to specify the right and left cautions
  • Grasp the thumb through the center hole. The plastic splint should be on the side of the palm.
  • Secure the straps by pulling and adjusting them to moderate to constant tension.

Correct mounting indicator: the guard should fit comfortably after both straps are installed.


  • XS 12.5 - 14.5 cm
  • S 14.5 - 16.5 cm
  • M 16.5 - 18 cm
  • L 18 - 21.5 cm


After each use, store the protectors in a dry, well-ventilated place, NOT in a toolbox. Keeping the protectors in a small, closed space will greatly accelerate the growth of bacteria.


Hand wash with mild soap in cold water (not hot). Rinse thoroughly and air dry. DO NOT drain, iron, use bleach or other chemicals.

Part Number: 187-PWR-1001
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  • Code: 187-PWR-1001